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Friday, February 05, 2010

(dis)comfort zone 4

the next (dis)comfort zone is up. here the direct links to the pages:

  • 'Coffee': a short story by Karen Swartz ("Why does safety seem so fragile?..") + tunnel photography by Jean Morris: 'With coffee cup'

  • 'Agave': poetry + notes by Rose Hunter ("you rip apart / the wrong wild beast -/ all the things that / reoccur in the morning..") + desert photography from the editor's files: 'Yaiza'

this new (dis)comfort zones includes 2 web-finds: the Coffee-story wasn't a regular submission. the story was up in a writing forum (fictionaut) and i hitched it from there. the other web-find is the connected photo - i came across it in Jean’s fabulous 'tasting rhubarb' blog, and remembered it when putting the Coffee story in layout.

after reading Agave, make sure to click the "about the poem"-link for some background on the poem, as Agave belongs to a sequence of poems.

PS: the call for submissions for the next issue is up, here: "BluePrintReview #24: micro cosmos".

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