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Monday, May 29, 2006

in the garden of words

monday. bringing rain. and reflections on water and words. on the thing that delivers water in the bathroom. in English, it's called a sink faucet, i learn. also it's called hose bibb, when it is outside. here in Germany, it is called Wasserhahn - water cock. or, for the deluxe version: Wasserarmatur.

more word reflections, in the web, on a page that i came across through Photo Friday. a page that is called: Inspire me Thursday. their theme of the week: word art.

"use words in your art or create a piece of art using words alone," it said. and made me sit and think about words. made me wonder who invents all those words, all those neat combinations of letters: some plain like grey or fact or tool, some fancy like hippopotamus or rigmarole or - lexicographer. what a job that would be, to work as gatherer of words. as the one who looks for the new words in the gardens of paper and makes them official by adding them to the a-z of language.

write it down and it exists.

like magic, almost. and now that i think of it i wish there was a lexicon that would include for each word the story how it came into being. the moment it was said for the first time.

and mostly i wish this for this one word:



Teri C said...

Very beautiful and serene. That shade of green is so wonderful.

lily said...

What a lovely piece, and your post is serene and soothing to read. Like you, I struggle with tryig to find the right word for "word."

Thank you for sharing.

Virginia said...

I'm in my green mood right now so I love this one very much!

Virginia said...
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Christine said...

I love it -- beautifulgreens :)

Turquoise CRO said...

Visiting your garden and it is an emerald beauty! Very relaxing!

Do said...

thanks for all the feedback!

yes, all those shades of green - i was so fascinated by the structure and colour of the leaf that i just had to take a photo, and then knew one day i wanted to work with it. and then came across Inspire me Thursday. so that was the day. smile.

artbyjune said...


carla said...

Beautiful, lush, cool green! This is such a nice has movement and peace together.