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Friday, March 04, 2005

the ones that stayed

This grey gloomy morning I could have worn my fleece jacket, it was cold enough. But I chose my light cotton jacket instead, in honour of spring, and to make the warmth come from my walk. And I noticed them as I walked today, the ones that stayed. A couple of weeks ago, boisterous flocks of robins were migrating through, crowds of them, covering the grass where they were feeding, flying in unison, filling the trees where they paused. And then they left to continue their journey. But a few stayed. One of them has taken up residence in our yard. I see them, single individuals, in a yard or vacant lot, on the ground feeding. Or in conflict with the mockingbird whose territory they have invaded. It seems odd to me that they stayed while the others went on. And those who stayed don't seem to group together at all. It is as if they not only left the journey, they also gave up on social life as well and turned to solitary days.

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