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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

"Today: Thailand" -

that was the note in my diary yesterday morning. i didn’t need a plane to go there, didn’t need to pack my bag. the journey, it was there already, in the pictures i took, in the memories i carried back home.

yesterday, they unfolded again, in a culture centre, on a huge screen, in front of parents and friends, aunts and unknowns. those pictures taken back then, in the streets of Bangkok, in the train to Chiang Mai, at the reflection pool in Sukhothai, and in Cambodia, at the magic temples of Angkor Wat

that is the beautiful thing about journeys, i thought, as i drove home: that they go on. that they turn from reality to virtuality.

smile. and now, finally, all those moments are all online, too. you find them HERE.

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sand shadow said...

We have our memories of journeys, but photos show us things we never noticed when we were there. They are more than reminders. They are almost another journey in themselves, if we take the time. Thanks to you for taking that time and sharing!