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Monday, March 07, 2005

To Continue Down That Road

5:30 was the time I woke up today. The first light was gently peeping through the curtains. Streets still slept. Dogs dozed. And somehow it seemed that the world wasn't really such a harsh place at all. And since I didn't know what to do with that time on my hands, and staring at the wall wasn't helping either, I took the car out, turned towards Mysore Road, it's just a mile or so away from home, the Mysore highway and well, just continued down that road. (That sounds rather strange, writing it like that, 'to continuedown that road'. Maybe that's what life continue down that road.) It was surreal beautiful really. To my left I could see the shy rays of a yellow sun shimmering through coconut trees and to my right, fields of sleeping green. And hardly any traffic, apart from the odd truck or bus rumbling down. So much so, that I could stop the car every now and then to breathe in a little bit of life again without worrying about being on the highway. I think I must have travelled half way towards Mysore, the speedometer showed 75kms before I stopped. And turned back. I left with nothing. Yet minutes and miles on the road and I came back with something: Peace.

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