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Thursday, March 15, 2012

BluePrintReview #29: "Diary of"... launch + some notes on the process

The new "Diary of..." issue of BluePrintReview is now launching in sequences, so that the whole issue has time to unfold. Online already: a Thai Sky Diary, a reflection on "same year, different story", a Trillion page diary (in one page), a silkworm poem and a Diagram of Ninth Days. The collage above is a visualization of those starting pages.

Here's the issue link: BluePrintReview #29: Diary of

You can follow the developing issue on facebook or twitter, or check back weekly.


Some notes on the process

December 31 / January 1
while browsing, i came across this twitter link: the year in 4 words, from so many people, with so many different emotions included, from “i survived it all” to “lettig go. moving on.: “ to “one to never forget”

i tried to find 4 words to post myself, but how to put a year in 4 words? it felt easier for blueprintreview:
“#2011in4words: synergetic transformation challenge issues“

and from there, i thought: i could visit the “diary of” issue, and work a bit on it, as step for 2012. there are some beautiful submissions already.

one thing about sumbissions is that i received some strong ones, but many with a dark or very dark mood. maybe it’s the time of year, or the tension in the world. after reading the 3rd of the kind, i checked to see if the call was for the “shadow diary of..” ;) – and then thought, i could just mail some of the contributors, to ask for other/different/lighter works.

and now: Monday. the first monday of the new year

February 3
the issue is starting to take shape. some pages fit already, and the mood / tune of it starts to develop.

when revisiting the diary of same day, previous years, i found this note from a previous contributor: “I feel your joy in putting together these pieces of wonderful work from all around ~ the joy of seeing them grow into this body of art that somehow echo each other into a theme.”

so beautiful. some things, others can put better in words for us than we can ourselves. and it was motivating, to read this now, in the middle of the process.

February 25
today i worked on the next set of blueprintreview pages. some aren’t complete yet. in a perfect world, the whole issue would be complete and fine-tuned before the launch. i looked through pages and pondered on postponing the lauch. but then i felt the best way to get the issue together is by simply starting to put it online, and then working from there.

March 7
yesterday was the day that brought the mood and time and space to get the issue ready to launch. really excited how the issue turned out, and how the pieces connect across pages, and also with previous issues through the footnotes. they are forming an own web of cross-connections.

picking up the theme of connection and footnotes, a friend wrote: ""the new issue is so organic. the pages are like plants, maybe trees, with the footnotes like roots, connecting on a different level. beautifully done."


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