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Monday, April 02, 2012

notes on the "diary of" process

the "diary of" issue is halfway online now. at the same time, it is still in process. here some notes - basically, quote from mails that relate to the 2 recent sets of pages, and to the general process of this issue, combined with 2 collages of images:

Friday 23th March
i just revisited the new blueprintreview pages [Diary of Pink / how i grew smaller] and the collage. this issue feels like it needs more time to get it online, but then yesterday i felt: yes, and that’s because it is still developing. like the scroll-over image of the "Pink" page, and the notes page connected to it - those came together only last week as i was still looking for the right image to go with the text.

and this playfulness, it feels like it’s also the spring mood reflected in it. now i feel: maybe there could be a second scroll-over image in the issue. or a third.

Friday, 30th March
today to go live: the next blueprint pages. this issue has a different rhyhtm to it: the second half is still in progress. this week, i came across 2 pieces that would make beautiful additions. it’s good, even though i usually feel safer when all is nicely laid out in the start. but this approach of going live in-progress is more energetic, and it feels the edition is still growing, and finding its shape.

Saturday, 31st March
the new "diary of" pages are online [carricitos + The Fledgling]. it’s such a good contrast: the modern, poetic web of thoughts and moments, and the classic format of The Fledgling. once it was online, i created a collage again, for the facebook post. and maybe for a blog note [this one].

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