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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How to create an own google map

An own map
Creating an own map with various places in google maps is something i tried a while ago, then gave up on after repeated trial-error. Now I appraoched the theme again, for the new edition of the language/place carnival - and this time, fumbled my way through it. It's not really complicated, just takes a bit to get used to the systematics. There is a how-to-page by Google itself: Maps User Guide

Here's a short video with the basics that shows which buttons to click for the start, and where to find them. The map page is in German - I tried to switch, yet Google was persistent to remain in the local language. But from place and systematic, the buttons and the process should be the very same in English.

Display options
After creating the map, you can either link to a map page (for example, the map I created: Map: Streets Signs Directions) - or you can embed it in a website or a blog (like here, the map is at the end of the entry: blog carnival: Streets Signs Directions).
In both cases, you find the link / the code on the right top of the map page, just press the "link" symbol next to the mail and print symbol.

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