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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

synergy upcoming

the new issue of blueprintreview - #27 "Synergetic Transformations" - is upcoming: like the issues before, it will be launched in sequences, to give all contributions some individual recognition and space. the first pages are planned to go online in the course of next week, with new sequencs going online throughout April.

above, a screenshot of the current issue image file. yes, it's a rather huge and colorful issue - there will be 23 different collaborations included. from collaborative works, it turns out to be a rather poetic issue – maybe poetry lends more to collaboration?

another interesting clue to the synergy issue: it developed some own sub-themes: trees. love. sesaons. also: art.

from format, the issue developed different page layouts, with some collaborations having inspired others during the layout phase, in a process of unexpected synergies that reached beyond the works.

added to the collaborations themselves, there are the notes on the process, which accompany almost all collaborations included.

altogether, this will probably be the most complex and varied issue of BluePrintReview so far. thanks again to all who collaborated and contributed to this issue! it's a very special joy to work on this, and i am looking very forward to the launch day.

collaboratively yours,

PS: there's a bit more on the process of editing this issue online from an earlier stage, here: synergy in progress

and in case you want to visit the current issue while it is still frontpage instead of archive, go here: BluePrintReview #26: identity

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