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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

synergy in progress

last sunday, submissions for the upcoming blueprintreview "synergy" issue closed. i am still in the process of looking / reading through submissions. with some contributors, i mailed already, and there are some first layouts, too. all issues of blueprintreview are special, but this one is different on so many levels, with new formats, and with the additional notes to the pieces. to keep track of things, i now created a "work"-page that includes the pages in progress, and the ones that are complete. while at it, i made a screenshot of the image file of this issue, and added it above the list, as a second, visual approach to the contributed material.

another difference to the previous non-collab issues: many of the contributions are exclusive works, inspired by and created for this issue. added to that, some of the collabarations are first times. here are 2 quotes, one from the notes on the process, one from a submission mail:

We met face to face to begin the poem. We even taped part of our conversation, which was itself like a poem.
- Daniela Elza / Robin Susanto

I am still working on a description of our collaboration processes, but we wanted to send the piece to you right away. Thank you for being the catalyst that made this piece possible; it has opened the door to what we hope will be an ongoing collaboration/dialogue.
- Lynne Shapiro / Cliff Tisdell

it's moving and beautiful to read that this call for collaborate submissions sparked creative works and connections. and it's a pleasure to work with the submissions, to weave this issue together. i can't wait to share some of the works included - and at the same time, i don't want to rush the process. still aiming for middle / end of March to launch. a big THANKS to all who submitted! so exciting, to receive your unique synergies and transformations.

+ 2 submission notes
and as i am just coming from submissions, 2 notes:
the final submission mail i received arrived early on Monday, with a time note included that it still is in-time-for-deadline: "Here it is 11:49 Pacific Standred Time, so still Feb. 20."
here's a secret: i usually keep submissions a bit open for latecomers after the official closing date. this, after all, is a freewheeling endevour, and the guidelines and deadlines are just means to keep things organized.

the only thing that really left me puzzled in the submission phase so far was the submission that arrived today, without letter or note or any personal word. it consisted only of a long 3rd-person biography, and an attached (non-collaborate) word file. it's like receiving a draft of a submission mail. and the words "X.Y. received grants and awards" as opening words make it even weirder, unless the big secret to receiving a grant is to send out unpersonal multiple mails. anyway. back to editing :)

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Michael Solender said...

I, for one, am very excited to see what comes from this intriguing project - Thanks to Dorothee for dropping the gauntlet - I know there will be some fabulous works to enjoy..