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Thursday, September 16, 2010

blueprintreview: "two²" complete, "identity" open

blueprintreview two²
"two²" is the current issue of blueprintreview - after going live in sequences in August, it now reached its final shape: the sorting, inversed during launch, now is in the original shape, starting with "Pre-Cell Observations in 2 Parts".

call for submissions: identity
now that #25 is complete, the next issue is starting its journey: since yesterday, submissions are open for #26, the theme for this issue is "identity". details: submission guidelines #26.

2 story links
& 2 links to stories that connect to the "identity" theme:
- Human Connections by Mary Whitsell (The Battered Suitcase)
- Eros, Philia, Agape by Rachel Swirsky (, Runner Up in the Million Writers Award)

now, on to reading first submissions.

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t of Cha said...

Can I just say I love the image "the city within"!