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Friday, August 27, 2010

issue two² complete + feedback

"two²" is complete!
the final 2 pages of the new BluePrintReview issue went live this week - the "Two²" issue is now complete and includes 17 pages, and texts and images by 27 artists & authors:

Michael K. White, Marcia Arrieta, Ray Scanlon, Michael Brandonisio, Sheldon Lee Compton, Smitha Murthy, Karyn Eisler, Claire Ibarra, Eckhard Gerdes, Molly Sutton Kiefer, Linda Simoni-Wastila, Z.Z. Boone, Changming Yuan, Kirsty Logan, Michelle Elvy, Rose Hunter, Kim Keith, Susan Gibb, satnrose, Jean Morris, bl pawelek, Jeff Crouch, Brad Rose, Steve Wing, Suzanne Marie Hopcroft, Tyler Cobb, Justin Kern.

it was a true double-joy to put the pages together.
here's the issue link:


and some feedback quotes / links:

The Absolute Very Best Thing I've Read This Week
August 17, 2010

Word that dance a little jig and slide down fire-poles landing triumphantly are what you'll find in Susan Gibb's wonderful piece, Descriptions, over at BluePrintReview. This short micro-flash will make you smile and leave you full of just what great prose can do in tiny but effective bursts. BluePrint has luscious artwork and fine writing, a place to linger.

(blog link: notfromhereareyou , the note was in the sidebar last week)


Tuesday, 17 August 2010

BluePrintReview, edited from Germany by Dorothee Lang, draws together a new thematic web for each issue from a wide range of contributors, with an ongoing feature format that pairs independently created words and images from two different authors - linking them aslant, making connections not always obvious but always resonant. I like this very much. It's what I often try to do here in a small way, but has much greater potential, of course, when text and picture come from different authors.

The latest stage includes an image of mine, paired with a short-short story by Susan M Gibb and together entitled Descriptions. I like the story a lot, and I like the mind that put these two together, teasing out the shared themes of melancholy, distance and surprising affinity.

(blog post: tasting rhubarb - two2)


BluePrintReview - Gratitude #19
Monday, August 23, 2010

I am grateful today for editors who take passionate chances on new and emerging writers, who embrace their vision of art without compromise.

.. Dorothee also edits the fine literary journal BluePrintReview. In keeping with the theme 'two-squared', Issue 25 reveals two poems or stories every two days, allowing readers to savor each artist. Today I am grateful and honored to have my story Second-Hand Video-Cam featured alongside contributions by respected writers and artists, including Michelle Elvy, Kirsty Logan, Rose Hunter, Sheldon Lee Compton, bl pawalek, Susan Gibb, and many others. Take a gander -- you will not be disappointed.

blog post: BluePrintReview - Gratitude #19


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