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Monday, August 23, 2010

calls, calls, calls

BluePrintReview: call for next issue: identity. invited: short stories, poems, creative non-fiction, photography & artwork. "identity: different faces of a person; identity and time / place; the individual and the crowd; family trees and their blank spots.."
identity guidelines; submit: 15.9. - 15.10.

Writer's Ink is inviting works for their first Special Edition. The theme for this issue is The Far East. "We welcome all works around a theme of the orient, whether you want to write in an oriental style (haiku, tanka, etc.) or a piece revolving around an oriental theme." -- The Far East guidelines (scroll to bottom), deadline: 31.8.

Litro, the UK-based free monthly literary magazine that publishes new, original short fiction, has a call up for their upcoming issue: Russia. deadline: 15.9.

tongues of the ocean is open for submissions for poetry, fiction, non-fiction. special feature: "catch a fire": poetry / flash fiction inspired by the prompts: "float, lizard, rain, sleep, fire". guidelines: tongue of the ocean. deadline: 17.9.

apparatus magazine: encourages writers to submit translations for the September issue: "Lost in Translation & What the Messenger Said", deadline: 29.8.. October theme is: "Eldorado & River Styx", deadline: 29.9. - guidelines (scroll to bottom)

New Madrid will dedicate the Winter 2011 issue to the viability of water as resource and symbol. "We’re looking for submissions that incorporate lakes, ponds, rivers, streams, rain in all its guises." -- water guidelines, deadline: 15.10.

In Posse Review is inviting works for the upcoming theme issue: The Bio Issue: Gradeable or bio degradable - "We want poems and creative essays about your life—truths, half-truths, secrets, adventures and misadventures you’ve buried under the carpet. We're interested in unusual interpretations of this theme. Edgy, creative poetry and essays are always appreciated." bio guidelines, submit: September-October

Embracing Our Differences invites writers to participate in its 8th annual exhibit celebrating diversity. National and international submissions are encouraged. Entries should be no more than 30 words and express what the theme “embracing our differences” means to you. website + guidelines: Embracing Our Differences, deadline: 20. Dec.

more: calls, calls, calls

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Nicolette Bethel said...

Thanks for the plug for tongues of the ocean!