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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

(dis)comfort zone addition

3 moments from Tasnim Jivaji, in addition to the previous (dis)comfort zones issue of blueprintreview:

Who wants to be a plane crash survivor?

The aviation industry must
Must on high priority design
The aircraft better seated
For surviving crashes.

These narrow tubes, packed for profit
Have bodies jammed, on aprons all over the globe
Right now, even as you are reading this
After soft landings, their payload still trapped.

How difficult it is to merely disembark, orderly and calmly
That obviously an emerency evacuation is impossible
No matter how earnestly you listened
To the pre-flight briefing and you are seated near the door.

You, you as a survivor
Would not make it to any door
Or a crack
Nor a window.

It is time
Every ticking blink
That will save anyone
To leave it all and break lose.

But with heavy and high rigid chairs
Stunned people grabbing belongings rather than fleeing
No matter how much you have your wits
You will perish because the aircraft design failed you.

The Black Box they treasure
Put it in a safe place to learn from its contents
But they must now push the limits so that from their safer aeroplanes
More people will walk out of crashes than ever before.

Written By: Tasnim Jivaji
25th May 2010.

Three die in head on collision
The pain when you hear about a tragedy is numb. It silences the noise of our lives with an unsettling calm, because for the rest of our lives we will never have them who had to leave so abruptly to complete the picture of the world we see ahead.

Written By: Tasnim Jivaji
20th May 2010.


For just one moment, could we do this, just once?

Blood - G, donno.

Hunger - er, we do not wear G strings.

Water - Great, why?

War - Google Terrorism.

Canada, let's treat G click, let's air lift, person bloodied, hungry, sheepskin water jug, child not waking to peace and plonk them with G#.

Next G to be held, oh, where gangs are rallying, where they line up for food for half a day, walk a marathon to dig their water and for sound effects, there is nothing like war.

Written By: Tasnim Jivaji
Tuesday, June 22, 2010

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Zahra Hassanali said...

Amazing! The writing just blows my mind.