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Friday, May 28, 2010

Million Writers Award - Top 10 stories of 2009

with the release of the Top 10 stories, the storySouth Million Writers Award 2009 reaches the next stage. the award is organized by Jason Sanford, the list of stories is up in his blog:

Million Writers Award top ten stories of 2009

the next selecion stage of the award is the public vote: "The public vote for the storySouth Million Writers Award is now open. All writers and readers are welcome to take part in the vote, which will last until 11:59 pm Eastern time on May 31, 2010."

here a copy+paste of the Top 10 list - and yes, it's time to celebrate: there's a story from BluePrintReview included this year:

•"Secondhand Objects" by Renee Simms (from 42opus)
•"I Am My Rooster" by Taylur Thu Hien Ngo (from Blackbird)
•"The Library" by Jolie Braun (from BluePrintReview)
•"Non-Zero Probabilities" by N. K. Jemisin (from Clarkesworld Magazine)
•"A Song to Greet the Sun" by Alaya Dawn Johnson (from Fantasy Magazine)
•"The Moose Head Haus" by Tom Burkett (from Storyglossia)
•"Ditch" by Eric Beetner (PDF download, from Thuglit)
•"Eros, Philia, Agape" by Rachel Swirsky (from
•"This Program Contains Actual Surgical Procedures" by Roxane Gay (from Twelve Stories)
•"Hospitality" by Summer Block (from Wheelhouse Magazine)

this list got selected from the list of 190 notable stories of 2009, which were picked by the Million Writers Award preliminary judges, who picked their nominations from the long list of editor nominations and reader nominations, and from their own online reading.

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