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Monday, May 10, 2010

new new new issues

lots and lots and lots of new issues:

New Issue of Hamilton Arts & Letter is Ready - Issue: three.1 "Gold" - Spring 2010, 2nd Anniversary Issue - Available Now at: samizdatpress

qarrtsiluni: "Now playing: New Classics"

"Writers' Bloc just transmogrified into its eleventh incarnation": Writers' Bloc Eleven Island

Otoliths: the southern autumn, 2010 issue, has just gone live. Four years old today! Issue #17

Emprise Review: "Volume 14 is now live and arrives with some changes"

SubtleTea May – August 2010 Edition is online now! Subtletea

DIAGRAM 10.2, "boosted the record and ya looped it": Issue 10.2

HOBART 11: the great outdoors! bonus materials website including all kinds of extras: the great outdoor bonus

New Issue of Concelebratory Shoehorn Review Now Online: Issue Forty

and soon to come: BluePrintReview issue 24: MicroCosmos


and more more more literary link round-ups:

- Metazen - this is a god-damned round up

- Pank - May May May We Show You a Garden of Literary Delights?

- Mel B. - May Is My Favorite Color

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