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Sunday, May 09, 2010

kari edwards

kari edwards contributed to the blueprintreview print issue mo(nu)ment in 2006. i invited her to send something for the following online issue, but didn't hear back. it was a year later that i learned the sad reason for her silence: kari edwards died in 2006.

now Belladonna Press put an anthology together in honour of kari edwards. so good to see this collaborative paperback with texts of those who were moved by her. more about the anthology in daily s-press: "kari edwards - NO GENDER"

and here, some painfully fitting lines from one of the poems kari contributed to mo(nu)ment:

wedding and funerals, mournings and festivals
tear rocks on lost cliff legs
time mirage accents
conveniently indivisible in units of salt
somewhere where light is law and tunes for dying
evaporate pure reason

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