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Friday, April 02, 2010

storySouth long list of notable stories

The Million Writers Award notable stories of 2009 have now been posted. Check them out here: The storySouth Million Writers Award Notable Stories of 2009.

it's a beautiful long list of magazines and authors, with stories in all lenghts and genres and styles included.

BluePrintReview included
and so nice to see: a BluePrintReview story is part of the list, too: “The Library” by Jolie Braun, from the 'shortcuts/detours' issue: "It began accidentally, the way nearly anything truly important does..."

some of my favourites
and here, 3 links to notable stories that remained with me, long after i read them (note: all 3 are, each in their own way, partially disturbing.)

there are so many very well written stories, but those stood out for me as they both were remarkable in their voice, and in the way they took me to places i haven't been to, and left me there with some open questions that nudged my thoughts for the next days.

why do we read fiction?
and in a fictional theme match, the NY Times has a scientif article on cognitive / evolutionary theories which "..may help to answer fundamental questions about literature’s very existence: Why do we read fiction? Why do we care so passionately about nonexistent characters? What underlying mental processes are activated when we read?"
one of the keys: "The layered process of figuring out what someone else is thinking — of mind reading — is both a common literary device and an essential survival skill."
link: Literary Scholars Turn to Science, NY Times (via The Millions)

storySouth: next
the next step in the storySouth Award will be the release of the top ten stories of the year - it's scheduled around May 1st, with the public vote for the top story beginning then.

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