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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

2000 page visits!

daily s-press crossed the 2000-page-visits-mark yesterday. whew!

here some statistics:
  • visitor homecountry, sorted by frequency: USA, Canada, Germany, UK, Bahamas, South Africa, Ireland, India, Australia, Netherlands, France, Sweden, Denmark, Mexico, Philippines, Norway, Israel, Finnland, New Zealand, Italy, Belgium, Slovenia, Cyprus, Spain, Hungary, Japan, Venezuela, Switzerland, Taiwan, China, Austria, Russia, Pakistan, Brazil, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Thailand.
  • came from: 79 different come-from pages, the majority are social websites: facebook, twitter, followed by various e-mail servers and blogs.
  • keyword analysis: daily s-press, eslami, kendra grant malone, cure all, american journals specialize in book re, caketrain no isbn, burch, ...

this is so fascinating. i keep being amazed by the visitor maps.

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