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Sunday, March 14, 2010

sunday stroll: paddy whacker, asian cha, daily s-press, venereal kittens

a stroll through some current literary projects and issues:

Asian Cha - the new issue issue of Asian Cha is up. amazing stories + photography + poetry, for starters: "This Side of the World" - Alka Khushalani, "Hyacinth Girl" by Robertutsu (cover art), or "Paramour" by Ocean Vuong. also included: a lost tea (poem) that dates back to 1986: "An Englishman in the Yellow Sea" by Ken Chau.

Daily s-Press - spring releases from small presses: "100 Stories for Haiti" (Bridge House), "God Damsel" - Reb Livingston (No Tell), "Cure All" - Kim Parko (Caketrain), "Inconceivable Wilson" - J.A. Tyler (Scrambler), "Unheralded Artists" (Mother Tongue)

Venereal Kittens - experimental visuals + poetry. start at any page and click "Newer Post / Older Post" at the bottom. eye candy: Sheila E. Murphy & Jeff Crouch, Chris Carter, new poetry: David Wolach, Kristen Orser.

The Paddy Whacker - stories that celebrate the upcoming Irish St. Patrick's day on 17th March. here's a taste: "A Salty, Slutty Bird" - Meg Pokrass, "Tea with Mrs. Doyle" - Doug Bond, "Of Rainbows and Pots"- Susan Gibb.

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