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Saturday, March 13, 2010

daily s-press + stumble upon

this morning, i checked the web statistics for Daily s-Press again. the visitor map is fascinating.
here some of the surprise visits from non-English speaking countries:

- Malmö, Skane Lan, Sweden
- Islamabad, Pakistan
- Leknes, Nord-trondelag, Norway
- Sevilla, Andalucia, Spain
- Vaasa, Western Finland, Finland

and so nice that the list includes a "come from" statistic. that way i learned that 85 persons arrived via Stumble Upon. how did that work? i wondered. when i clicked the link, the answer popped up:

"One of our members added your page to the Books topic on StumbleUpon."

so i went and tried to find the Books topic page on Stumble Upon. well, following the logic of StumbleUpon, there is no direct page, but there is a book page selection. to stumble through book pages, go here: StumleUpon Discover -- on that page, go to the "What interests you?" box, scroll down a bit, select "Books", then click "Start Stumbling". a first random books page pops up. for the next, click "Stumble" in the upper left corner.

so nice. and so good, the way Daily s-Press starts to turn into an uncharted multi-level discovery tour through the land of small presses and book hubs.

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