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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Metazen Latest Stories + Call

Metazen is on a roll - it quenches the thirst for literary voyeurism on a delicious daily basis, and combines the words with photography for sore eyes. here the magazine link: metazen.

and here some direct links to stories from authors who were recently featured in bluprintreview:

Crowning Glory by Michelle Reale, who wrote the blueprintreview story that got selected for Dzanc Best of Web last week: "Nostrum".

Deposits by Susan Gibb - this story went online just some days after Susan Gibb's story "Different" went up in the (dis)comfort issue, the two stories also are thematically linked.

Like They Were New by Mel Bosworth, who wrote "Butler Creek" for the shortcuts/detours issue. ('Like They Were New' is the story that is illustrated with the curoius bird image)


and i just saw that metazen has a call for wedding fiction up, here: Meta_news: Wedding Fiction, submissions 300-1500 words, due Feb 28.

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