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Thursday, February 25, 2010

final (dis)comfort zone

the final (dis)comfort zone is up:
  • 'Gone in a Blink': a story about stolen things by Sarah Layden ("Only stuff, true. But our stuff. And somebody came into our house and stole it...") + psychodelic photography by Jeff Crouch: 'timegauge'

  • 'As I Awake In Silent Walk': an apartment poem by Walter Bjorkman ("The shower next door is ranting / A garbage truck gargles its breakfast ...") + street photography by Peg Duthie: 'Glisan Street'

  • also included in this zone: 2 poems, directly below this post: "amplification" and "the architecture of pillows" - both by Michael K. White.

so here it is. the final zone of (dis)comfort. and it leads towards home, towards this cocooned place of security, this private space of comfort, and captures 2 moments of home (dis)comfort.

i just returned to the first page of this issue, nightfall, with this line:
"all the fallen mornings" -

hadn't noticed this until now. but it's good, to see this issue coming full circle, after a month of unfolding zones. and while the final pages of (dis)comfort now go online, the first accepted texts are entering the file for the following "micro cosmos" issues.

a quote i wanted to share, about BluePrintReview:

"The journal (BluePrintReview) also has a blog and contributors notes and books, activities. No page is a dead end. There is always somewhere else to go. I like to think of the BluePrintReview as the journal with many doors."
- Daniela Elza, Strange Places

so this was the floors and corridors and rooms of (dis)comfort. thanks to all contributors who added colors, shapes, windows, steps, darkness, light, and all those stories and images and poems and thoughts to this house.

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Editions Bibliotekos said...

Have been following (and have contributed to) BPR - this is one of the best issues - worth reading many of the selections again and again over time (by the nature of both the realism and the philosophical depth of the works). Congrats to D.Lang! Gregory F. Tague