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Monday, February 08, 2010

duotrope database - blueprintreview stats

things the editor didn't know about blueprintreview, and now just learned from the duotrope database:

personal responses: blueprintreview ranks among the 66 most personable poetry markets (personal rejection to form rejection ratio of at least 90%)

response/acceptance stats: acceptances: 25% (average accept response time: 19.6 days), rejections: 58% (average rejection response time: 42.9 days)

fiction contributors accepted by blueprintreview also had work accepted by...
Pedestal Magazine, Flash Fiction Online, Smokelong Quarterly, Underground Voices, Eclectica, Night Train, Word Riot, Alimentum: The Literature of Food, Quay, Rumble, Potomac Review, On The Premises

poetry contributores accepted by blueprintreview also had worked accepted by..
Ninth Letter, Ellipsis, Halfway Down the Stairs, The Chimaera, Sixty-Six: The Journal of Sonnet Studies, Splash of Red, Anemone Sidecar, Autumn Sky Poetry, Oak Bend Review, The Ampersand (&), The Benefactor, The Tower Journal

more details and links to all listed journals are included in the blueprintreview duotrope page. .


Mel Bosworth said...

that is kind of awesome. learn something every day.

Dorothee Lang said...

yes, awesome, especially that blueprintreview is inlcuded in the "personal" list.

but also a bit overwhelming, to see all those facts gathered on a page.

i really like the "contributors accepted elsewhere" feature, will go on a roundtrip through those magezines in the course of this week.