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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

(dis)comfort zone 5

the next (dis)comfort zone is up. it consists of:
  • 'Complexion': disorder poetry by Heather Hodges ("The innards of a clam: the tragic sum of the things kept outside..") + abstract art by Susan Gibb: 'eggs'.

  • 'Palindrome': an experimental vidopainting by Isabelle Carbonell: "Palindrome is a painting about the mirror of identity, the multiple masks we offer in different settings, and our subconscious rebellion that emerges in times of epiphany."

the theme of this zone is setting / landscape, and the complex effects the outside has on identity. this theme also is reflected in the connecting links: Heather Hodges is currently living in Buenos Aires, and part of an art project that documents the direct effects of her surrounding on pieces of art: "we wandered the streets to hang our pieces, and later watched them be digested by the city itself."
images of the project are up in the blog Pieces.

and Isabelle Carbonell's website includes a film gallery with documentary films that feature different zones of the world, and often relate to environmental topics: Living from a Landfill /Santiago, Water Warriors / Ann Arbor.

and when widening the viewpoint, Susan Gibb's Hypercompendia blog relates to this theme, too: it offers clues to Tinderbox, a tool that helps to visualize connections by creating colorful maps: visual abstractions of data. which connects back to the first line of "Complexion": "The complexion, completely separate now / from the landscape / something torn anew."

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