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Saturday, February 20, 2010

(dis)comfort zone 7

the next (dis)comfort zone is up:
  • 'Father of the Suicide': a reflection on life, family, and death by David Jordan ("We live in a tightly knit neighborhood, so we heard things about Adam from other parents, including teachers who worked at the boys’ school and had kids the same age...") + liquid photography by Karyn Eisler: 'reflect/absorb'

  • 'Disconnect': a threaded poem by Catherine McGuire ("Like Ulysses wife, unstitching every night, we / disconnect our threaded lives, uncouple them...") + mosaic photography by Steve Wing: 'patterns of Lisbon'
'Disconnect' was one of the first completed pages of this issue - the page came together on first try. the poem dates back to the submissions of the previous re/visit issue, and together with 'Visiting Hours' and a story that is part of the final zone ('Gone in a Blink'), inspired the idea for the (dis)comfort issue.

in contrast to that, 'Father of the Suicide' was one of the final pages to get completed - i tried various images, but none of them felt fitting for such a painful and reflective text. then i tried Karyn's water image. and it fell in place, with the associations it holds: sadness, depth, a closing focus, things and thoughts underneath the surface.

combined with “Disconnect” and the mosaic floor image, there is a new feature up in the blog, about tracing patterns of the past: 'Núcleo Arqueológico moment' - this developed from the idea to add a note on the mosaic photo, and then turned into a page that enhances the whole zone with its historic dimension, the contrast of elements: water surface / floor surface / the history underneath the surface, and the different angles of (dis)connecting / finding ourselves / breaking threads.

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