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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Train to the Falls

Niagara it was this weekend - we took a train from Chicago to Buffalo, NY. It was a slow lumbering train, we passed through Toledo, Ohio and then Detroit in the night, and reached Buffalo on time. From there, it was something of a confusing run - take a taxi to the nearby Buffalo International Airport, and from there take the bus to Niagara Falls. Why not take the taxi to Niagara Falls, you may ask very reasonably? Well, the taxi all the way to Niagara from Buffalo was a huge $75+tip. One way, that too. So we took the $15 taxi to the airport, then the $2 bus to the Falls.

The whole day was just at the Falls. It was such a beautiful place. I never thought I would be so awed at seeing water falling - I am awed at the sea, the ocean but just water falling down from a height? How exciting could that be? I thought. But how wrong I was! It was just a mind-numbing sight - near one of the islands close to the falls, we turned around and saw the sky ablaze in this beautiful light.

Then it was the taxi back late in the night after seeing the night view too - no cheap options this time, since it was already past 10pm. The Amtrak train was late by just 30 minutes past midnight, so we reached Chicago on Sunday morning at around 9AM. Well, that was the easy part. After that, we lost our way in Chicago, from 9Am from the Union Station in Chicago, we spent 2 hours trying to find the nearest subway - which was like all things like these always are, just around the corner.

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