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Monday, July 27, 2009

The Double Fairlie

Maybe only the child in us loves dinosaurs
......but the child is not mistaken.
It sees the coelacanth is not an antiquated eyesore
......unless you drag it on the deck,
and it knows the dodo in its own right isn’t to be taken
......for a tragicomical buffoon. The locomotive
is a Double Fairlie. It’s a blend of how-the-hell and what-the-heck.
......It has two smoke stacks
and two boilers, and if you seriously fired up both, it looks as if could tear itself in half
across the cab. It was designed to operate on a snaking track bending in the middle,
and any competent mechanic knows the benefits are laughable
......compared to the work of up-keep.
But it isn’t to the mechanic in us that it talks; it’s to the riddle
......that life is trying to guess.
It’s to the jigsaw puzzle where every cockamamie shape the piece that goes.
Whatever it is in us loves surprises, loves inventiveness,
......and its not the things time saves,
nor leaves forlorn behind, nor even saves for afterwards,
......but those enmeshed in it, the child within us craves.

words: Nicholas Messenger, New Zealand (
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