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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

story south million writers award

the story south million writers award is on again!
if you haven't heard of it: the idea of the award is to find the best 10 short stories that appeared online in 2006 in e-zines. in ALL e-zines. nominations can be made by readers (1 story of any magazine) and by editors (3 stories of their magazine). the only restriction is that stories must be 1000 words or longer. the great thing about the award is that all is open - even the nominations. so you can go and read stories already.

here's the link to their page:
here are the reader nominations so far: reader nomination page
and here the editor nominations: editor nomination page


BluePrintReview nominations
and here is the list of 3 stories that are nominated for BluePrintReview, and with it, 3 writers added to the million.
Story 1: “Scenic Highway #34” by J.A. Tyler
Story 2: “It Was Me” by Michael K. White
Story 3: “Silence” by Maria C. Pollack

special thanks to all contributors - it really was a pleasure to read through the archive of 2006 and to put the post for StorySouth together. and before anyone asks - no, you don't need an initial in your name to get nominated. this is some kind of coincidence i noticed only after posting.


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