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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Dear Beloved Hour.

So many seconds come and go,
They all seem the same,
Nothing becomes everything,
In just a moment.
Sunshine Rain Smoke

Something somewhere is paralysed,
But the clock still tocks,
Not missing a tick,
Not knowing hell's broken lose.
Blood is not a cleaning agent,
Water Pain Thirst

People have forgotten that time never waits,
Not all consequences are ultimately ends,
What might in a moment be lost,
May never really leave,
It metamorphoses,
Not all pupa become beautiful butterflies,
Grief Revenge Devastation.

It is the only means to tame the clock,
To make it play your tune,
To make the chime of a life time,
Endure from moment to moment.
Slap Cheek Peace

Nowhere in history has forgiveness played a role,
Is the education that the population gaining,
Not a better tool to ingest
That war is not a moment to waste
That peace is not a pawn to forfeit
Today Lead Please

© Tasnim Jivaji

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