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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

friends / strangers

the last week of October. a time of hazy clouds. of morning dreams that remain in my memory, sharp like the silhouette of trees against dawn. here is one.

a Northern island. a trek. leading from forest to a ruin. up a hill. and from there, with a speed train, back to the harbour point. i walk the trail, alone. through trees. through ancient stones. to the hill.
then i am back at the trees. in a group of people. some are friends, some are strangers. and somehow, i get separated from the friends while walking the trail. even in the train, i am not with them. instead i get to sit with a stranger. and first feel uncomfortable with the situation. but then, i have a seat with a view, and i don’t want to give this up. so i stay. and somehow the stranger and i begin to talk. and we realize, we aren’t really strangers. it’s only that we live in separate worlds. and probably this will be the only time of our lives that our paths cross.

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