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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Turning Pages of Time

new year’s morning finds me turning pages of time, lifting the old year gently from the wall, putting the new year in its place.

upstairs, it is goodbye to the colors of Miro. “Birds surrounding the star of hope” – that is how 2003 had started, in the calendar, and in real. i had a ticket to fly back then. Thursday 8th of January, to Bombay. it feels like a week ago, like a lifetime ago.

memories of India in my mind, i walk downstairs, to turn another page of time. the calendar in the floor, it is a museum. at least that is what is written on its top: Museum der Malerei – museum of painting.

here, the new time doesn’t come in months, but in weeks. a new sheet, a new artist, a new painting, a new mood every week. i open the first page, and stand there, stunned, as i see the past turning to present again. for in this first week of the new year, the calendar, from all artists of the world, features: Miro.

his figures, here they take shape again, forming the end of 2004 and at the same time the beginning of 2005. the title of the painting: “Schwalbe Liebe” – Bird Love. so perfect. even if i had tried to plan it, i wouldn’t have figured that one out so neatly.

"Let more moments of the year take wing like this," i say to the old mechanic clock that watched the scene. "Tick Tock," it answers.

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Diana said...

Yesterday while packing I found a never used photocalendar from a trip to Oregon--for 2004.

Ravishing pictures of waterfalls, Mt. Hood covered in snow, ripe berries, timely only for the day. A gift ungiven but still received.

Off to the Mayan jungle, in search of a new year!