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Monday, January 10, 2005

3 Things

1) jogging in the afternoon. mud on the road, the remains of snow. some steps further, soaked silvester fireworks. the earth - cold and chilly, the braches of trees - black arms frozen in motion, the fields - empty. then suddenly on the side of the road - the fresh green of a new born leaf, an everyday miracle.

2) sitting on the sofa, later. in my hands, a cup of melon flavoured green tea. changing channels, i zap into a docu about Colombia. huge trucks driving down mountain roads. a checkpoint in rebel area. a young soldier standing at the side of the road. behind him - a little girl in a pink Sunday dress, handing him a newspaper. the soldier takes a page, adds two sticks, turns it into a paper kite. the next scene - the soldier and the girl on the road, flying the kite.

3) the thought again. that the most important things in life in fact aren't things.

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