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Thursday, January 13, 2005


I'm home all too soon from the wonders of the turquoise Caribbean (where I first learned to swim) and lovely Mérida, the Paris of Mexico:

I landed on New Year's Day, met my travel companions for the first time on the plane, and later adopted two more (Israeli women, lacking a guidebook, a phrase in Spanish, or a reservation). And then we were five. We headed for a few days in Merida, of song, food, and shopping. Wonderful streetlife. More wonderful visits to Mayan ruins.

After a few days of culture, I longed for the beach. 79 degrees was the air and the water. In four days, I went from anguished to relaxed to radiant.

Now I am home, shivering but enjoying the sunlight. And the photos and the memories. Wishing I spoke better Spanish. Already dreaming of the next visit. Mexico, so close but always takes me so far in my imagination.

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