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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Time Links

sometimes time has its own ways to weave a net that crosses space, it seems. an unexplainable relativity that has the power to connect the now to the past and the future in unexpected turns.

exactly four years ago this time i boarded my first flight to Asia. on the 15th of January 2001, at 19.30. a Monday, it was back then. i didn’t write English travel mails back then, didn’t even think of putting an online travelogue together. in fact, i didn’t even know how to create web pages back then.

most of the pictures staid unscanned, like this jungle river picture

lines of the journey found a place, though, in German, in a yellow diary i took with me. it was a friend who made me open the diary again, a friend who works in a culture centre. "How about a photo evening with your pictures of Thailand and Cambodia,” she asked. i wasn't sure. she was.

the evening will happen on March first. thus i am here at my desk now, reading through those diary pages, scanning pictures, browsing memories. and i can’t help but feel that this can’t be just coincidence. here is the link to the first diary page - eastbound

smile. even the time matches. sometimes i think, there are tiny connections through time, undiscovered yet. some kind of time links. moved by future memories to be.

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Diana said...

Looking at the map, I was struck by how close it was to the trip I had taken in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam the year before.