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Saturday, December 11, 2004

Paths crossed

somewhere in this Europe.

I still compare the cold i feel here with the cold i felt while i was in Germany. All this to remind me that i don't like the cold but i can live with it and that i would be far happier in a sunny place. Kind of that life lesson of living your life with average because if it's ok, it's good and the better is just, well, for the best.

Ok, i guess i really miss the sun. That's all.



Do said...

Same here.

Sunday sun hiding
Beyond a white horizon
When will she be back?

And it's not only the sun that is missing. Her brother is gone, too. New Moon it is, today.

Diana said...

No sun here either. It must be on the other side of the world for a while.

The NY Times had an article last week on Icelanders, and how they love the dark (and because they're Vikings, are somewhat immune to seasonal depression). One man said he preferred the winter to the arctic summer, when the sun never sets.

I am not a Viking.