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Thursday, December 09, 2004

City Crossing

Cars going. Cars coming. Cars whizzing through the night, in endless streams, forming a line of red leading inwards, a line of white leading outwards. On the side of a four lane road, a fairy tale house with three towers and seven roofs, full alit, shining like an ufo that fell from the sky. The door open. The view to the floor open from the street. No one there, in the floor, in the rooms behind the window. A life size still life.

In town, mazes of metal, of stone. Two yellow buses crossing on a bridge, in the very moment the traffic light underneath turns green. Three trees on the left side, remnants of the time before asphalt. Prisoners of the streets they are, there is no way out for them, not to the left, not to the right. So they stand. Reaching for the sky with their black arms.

At the train station, a sign saying Agra. As if it was close. As if it wasn't two continents away. Between a media maxistore and a company called clockhouse: a plastic half moon, dangling in the air, accompanied by fallen stars.

At a crossing, a woman in a long white coats. On the other side of the street, a guy in an orange jacket. Maybe their eyes will meet, somewhere, for a moment, while they cross to the other side. Maybe we all met, somewhere, in between streets.


Sheila Lynne said...

I thought of this observation on a quick ride home. I spied a very large (larger than me) blue gorilla sitting on a chair on someone's front porch. I had to double take. There he was, huge and blue like a giant blueberry. In a season where inflated Santa's are on every corner, it was nice (and funny) to see something a wee bit more out of the ordinary.

Like a giant blue gorilla.

Keeps things in perspective...

worldhigh said...

Going to work. The fog revealing orange burnt trees the last of the fall. Rushing traffic along their way to morning task. Bright winter sun exposing inward thoughts.

Diana said...

It's sunny but definitely the end of the year here: crisp, cool air and crazy people running around, honking and tailgating in huge black trucks (Does driving a huge truck make you more aggressive? or do aggressive men just buy huge trucks?).

My only orange is a bright shirt I wore to the gym in honor of the Orange Revolution in Ukraine. And my newly orange hair. Tonight: wine tasting from around the world. Tomorrow: caviar tasting! Somehow, it's been a month of cocktails and imbibbing, and running, catching up briefly with distracted friends and stopping, just for a moment, to breathe.