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Monday, December 13, 2004

it's all about ourselves

Yesterday i went to a conference about psychoanalytical views on photography. One of the speakers brought this:

Camille Silvy
French, negative 1858, print 1860s

And said it represents peace.

Well, to me it doesn't. It's dark, the skies are threatning (and made of two negatives), people are looking at the photographer and not to what they are doing. It's just that...dark and mastered by human mind.

And basically, that is how the world goes, right? My peace won't be the peace of someone else and that's why so many breakdowns in feelings and words occur.


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Do said...

the first thought i had when i saw the picture was: past. the second thougth was: the river of time.

out of curiousity, i just typed "peace" into the google picture search engine.

and the symbols and pictures appearing are.. the peace symbol, the dove, the peace turtle, angels, flowers..

erm. now how to post a link?
like this hopefully:
peace in picturesi especially liked the peace turtle.