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Monday, December 13, 2004


i just came across a great German word: Bahnhofswächterhäuschen.
the thing about German is, that you can combine words to specify their meaning. it works like this:

Train - Bahn
Yard - Hof
Train Station - Bahnhof
Guard - Wächter
Train Station Guard - Bahnhofswächter
House - Haus
Train Station Guard House - Bahnhofswächterhaus
Train Station Guard Little House - Bahnhofswächterhäuschen

smile. Häusschen – that is another twist. in German, you can turn things small by adding some variation of -chen. this way, you also get to throw in the äs, ös and üs:

cat - Katze. small cat - Kätzchen.
tree - Baum. small tree - Bäumchen.
river - Fluss. small river - Flüsschen.

bye - Tschüß. small bye - Tschüßchen!

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