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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Happy Birthday BluePrintReview!!

happy 8th birthday!

today is a day of a celebration: 8 years ago, on 22nd May 2005, BluePrintReview launched. it's been a long and wonderful creative way from the first issue (still up here: BluePrintReview Issue 1) through so many different themes - to the new issue:

BluePrintReview #30: instan/ce(s)

all issues are listed in the archive - which also shows the growth of BluePrintReview. from issue 10 onwards, the issue had themes - first those themes developed from the submissions sent, later there were theme calls.

the tricky 7th year
for a while, it seemed the 7th year would turn into the ending year of BluePrintReview - and then brought a new start. the whole story of is online in the new issue: BluePrintReview instan/ce(s), the short version + the long version.

really glad that the page now keeps growing again. thanks to all of you who contributed and sent words and contributions. blueprintreview would be a blank page without you. Thanks to you - the authors and artists who contributed to this venue of words, images, and cross-connections. from the first to the current one, every single issue was a joy to edit, and to see grow and develop.

to celebrate the birthday, submissions now are now open for the next pages of the current instances issue, next deadline is 5th of June, here are the guidelines.

Happy Birthday, BluePrintReview!

- Dorothee