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Saturday, April 21, 2012

"diary of" notes & quotes

the next of the Diary of pages are online, and form a triangular contrast: prose and poetry. country and field. leaving and arriving. Window Book of Seven Fields & New York Diary.

3 more pages to come, then the issue is complete. i will be staying abroad the next 2 weeks, and when all works out, will put the pages online from there. otherwise, it will take a bit longer.

& two diary quotes:

"My diaries are letters from my former self to my future self.
My poems are replies to those letters."
- Vera Pavlova

"I suppose in our contemporary lives, our cumulative e-mails might constitute a kind of diary: that informal, moment-by-moment description of life as it goes by. …. As I think of those notes now – what I wrote, what I said – it seems to me they danced across the surface just as my grandmother's diaries did – Anais Nin she wasn't, and I wasn't, either. Who is? Not even Anais Nin."
- Sue Miller

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