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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lost in Translation + 2 calls: Senses, Crossings

Just Launched:
Language / Place Blog Carnival #13: "Lost in Translation"

Edition #13 of the language place blog carnival is live! This edition is all about language and how humorous or just plain hard it is to understand when it's foreign. "Lost in Translation" is our first multiple-view edition! Big thanks to host + Lebenskünstler Christopher Allen, who makes it possible to get lost in a fancy mosaic, in classic style, in snaphots... Here's the link: Edition #13: Lost in Translation

Note: Click on the dropdown-menu on the left, right underneath "I Must Be Off" to select the style of your choice, and enjoy getting lost.

Edition #14:  Locating the Senses in Language/Place
The upcoming edition of the Language/Place Carnival will be hosted by writer and poet Stella Pierides, who lives in Germany and England. The feature theme of Stella's edition is "Locating the Senses in Language/Place". Contributions are invited from writers, poets, and anyone with an interest in this topic. As alwasys, we welcome a wide variety of posts. Submissions are open 1.2. - 10.3: Guidelines

Special Call:
Kiwi / German Blog Fest 2012: Crossings

Frankfurt Bookfair 2012: An Aotearoa Affair is a literary web initiative in anticipation of the Frankfurt Bookfair in October, where New Zealand is the Guest of Honour. It's based both in New Zealand and Germany, and will feature Kiwi and German writers (and writers with interest in the event) in a weekly series, and in special features. There also will be an edited monthly online journal that shares perspectives on New Zealand and German literature - the first edition is planned for February, deadline is February 5, the theme will be "Crossings": Guidelines.

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