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Sunday, August 14, 2011

London - reflections, thoughts, blog posts

London - collected reflections, thoughts, blog posts

Linking Minds
"There is so much more to say when you feel every day the pain and rage, the cultural and material impoverishment, the chaos just beneath the surface. Reaffirming the power of hearts and words feels like one of the few things I can do at this moment, so below the photo is what I was going to post today anyway, and here are a few more subtle voices on the riots."
- Jean Morris, London

Upside Down World
"It may be seen as ridiculous to be worrying about short stories - about fiction, about the arts in general - when looters are smashing windows around England, burning down buildings..."
- Tania Hershman

Feral Capitalism
"OK, a rare rant. I too am appalled by mindless rioting and looting, especially by children, but I am not surprised, not at all."
- Beth Adams

"the last time London received such a huge media coverage was in April, with the royal wedding. putting the riot images next to it now makes the divide that runs through societies very clear.  ... today i wish for someone like a new Gandhi."
- Dorothee Lang

White beconing black and blacks becoming white
"...I very much fear that England is going to get this spectacularly wrong. All the commentators, like Starkey, are responding reflexively from within the narrow framework of their entrenched positions.."
- Petina Gappa

Too Many Words
"Those who have said the most useful things are not politicians or pundits but people whose actions are better than words."
- Natalie d'Arbeloff

& a blog post that is worth the visit especially for the ongoing disussion in the comments, which are almost up to 500: Penny Red / London.

the photo is from 2009, this is near Underground Station Old Street. the higher houses beyond the old buildings belong to the banking district.


CassandraBeth said...

Thank you for the link(s), Dorothee. I'm sorry there is such a sad reason for these writings, and grateful we can think it through together.

Dorothee Lang said...

Beth, i felt the same - it's good to think this through together, from different geographical points, and with reflections from other places than the big media voices.

i now also added the link to the index page of the current "Challenge" blueprintreview issue: