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Sunday, July 03, 2011

social media for authors - 4 links

Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Video, Reviews, Newsletters, Websites: the following links include some interesting suggestions on how to use social media as an author, and also reflect on the media buzz.

Social Media for Authors

  • Social Media for Authors: Forever in Search of Buzz
    by Lauren Cerand
    "The task of finding readers and an audience is made much easier by joining the conversation that you feel you belong to, whether it’s via media that you maintain, community sites you check daily, or blogs that you read and comment on when you have something important to add.”
  • An author's plan for social media efforts
    by Chris Brogan
    "If I were an author looking to get the most out of the social web (and I am), I’d do something along the lines of what I’m about to share. Your mileage may vary, (and) this sounds like a lot of steps. It is. But this is how people are finding success."
  • Blogging for Writers - a Grammar
    by Marcus Speh
    "Whatever blogging for writers is, it is as it is with all forms of writing: you have to make of it what it can become in your hands. And it won't be until you begin to make something of it. Which is where the fun begins, too, because thousands of other writers have done it before you and lots more will, and of those who tried it many keep doing it and are getting better at it as they do when they keep showing up on the page, or the screen, or the desk or wherever you keep your secrets."
  • Social Media Platforms Authors and Writers Should Explore
    by Tyora Moody
    "This is a presentation created for authors and writers. It includes basic knowledge of Web 2.0 and is designed for a person who doesn't have time to explore social media platforms, but wants to market online." (from 2008, still interesting)

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Marcus Speh said...

it's not only interesting to see your selection but also very, very interesting what different social media active writers have to say: so much to learn! very grateful, too, to have been included in this list - thank you!