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Sunday, July 24, 2011

language/place #8: "The poetry of place" online + notes on the edition + call #9

The poetry of place
The eight edition of the >language >place blog carnival is now online! It is hosted by Walter Bjorkman at his blog Qwik-Bake Synthetics. Edition #8 explores The poetry of place in 24 contributions that lead from America to Europe and Asia.

  • Here are some feedback notes on the carnival "beautiful presentation, great lineup, thank you, walter & everyone else for turning this into a great ride... qwik-bake made me laugh, too... "- Marcus Speh
  • "This looks fabulous! I will be diving into this properly tomorrow/tonight if insomniac, can't wait! (An uncharacteristically busy Friday for me over here....) I love the sideshow, and presentation. I see there are profound blurbs/intros too. I don't know how people do this but it's very impressive. Thank you Walter, awesome." - Rose Hunter
  • "Enjoyed this, Walter. Great focus. Wonderful look" - Sam Rasnake
  • "love the slideshow and the way each post speaks to the theme walter chose." - Sherry O'Keefe
  • "well done, Walter! and the contibutors, too!" - Steve Wing
  • "wonderful layout and contributors" - Michael J. Solender
  • "What riches! I look forward to over-indulging over the next few days. Thank you." - Sandra Davies
  • "Walter, thanks so much for “baking” this edition in such a special way. such a beautiful + poetic place to pause." - Dorothee Lang
the story behind "Qwik-Bake":

"Qwik-Bake is a now defunct company down by the gritty Brooklyn docks I worked way back - they sprayed plastic coatings on industrial parts & pots & such - loved the name & byline - "wrinkle-crackle crystal specialties" - so grabbed it for the blog . . ." - Walter Bjorkman
The hosting experience
And here’s how Walter Bjorkman describes his experience as host of this edition, in a blog post from carnival-contributor Karyn Eisler: "When asked … I jumped on the chance. I have been part of previous editions, and found the reading fascinating – to see what talented writers were doing on their own blogs. This experience enhanced that feeling moreso. It was a joy to get each entry in the mailbox and explore these hidden treasures, and being part of Dorothee Lang’s great promotion of them was exciting. The explanatory blurbs sent in also enhanced my reading, and I put them into second person wherever practical. If anyone else has a chance to host future editions, I would advise to do so – they will be greatly rewarded, as I have been."  - Walter

more experiences: for more notes on hosting the carnival, visit the Q+A-section of edition #5, hosted by Parmanu, who asked the previous hosts "why did they choose to host, and how would they summarize the hosting experience?" - the answers: Hosting the carnival

previous language/place editions: some previously featured themes of the carnival incldued "another language, another place, another self"; "unwritten language / unnamed places", "language and place on the edge" - you can find an overview of all previous editions here:  language/place blog carnival - previous editions.

Call for "Individuation/Assimilation"

Edition #9 will be hosted by poet & author Brigita Orel. Although born in Slovenia, she studied Creative writing at Swinburne/Australia, writes in English and blogs at Do The Write Thing. The suggested (but not mandatory) theme for edition #9 is “Individuation / Assimilation”. Submissions are open August 1 – 20., Invitation + Guidelines

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