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Saturday, June 04, 2011

Blogs + New Issues: Language/Place, Festival of Trees, wood s lot, YB, Melusine, qarrtsiluni, Drunken Boat, HAL, The Litpub


Language and Place Blog Carnival
: In stunning images and words, people in places as different as Baltimore and Hong Kong, Newport and London, Germany and Nepal, explore the edges of art, story, poetry, text, history, innocence, experience. Hosted by Michelle Elvy in New Zealand: Language and Place on the Edge

Festival of the Trees: The 60th edition of the tree blog carnival is live at Rubies in Crystal, and what a feast it is! Quite a few participants responded to Brenda’s request to “record an engagement with a tree or trees” in multimedia form. Read, watch, and listen: Festival of the Trees #60

wood s lot: sharing daily gleanings in areas of arts, culture, mind-body, science and anything else that catches the wood's host fancy, wood s lot fishes the web since more than 10 years.



YB: The new issue of YB launched: YB issue 4: Windows: "As well as poems by a line-up of lovelies, we have reviews by Melanie Lynn Moro-Huber and Nic Sebastian, and a photo feature: “8×8″ – eight windows from eight countries".

Melusine: Melusine, or Woman in the 21st Century 3.1. The Spring/Summer 2011 issue is online, with fiction, poetry, art - and the winning poems of the Vivienne Haigh-Wood Prize, all right here: Melusine. (And an extra link: Melusine interviews poet Lyn Lifshin on change and on being an artist/poet in the 70s and now).

qarrtsiluni: Now playing in qarrtsiluni: the Imprisonment issue. This might get thought-provoking, here's a quote from the call for submissions: "What are the objects, desires, laws, thoughts, that imprison us? Must punishment be linked to constraints; and where are our prisons of the mind, heart, and place? Might there even be times when imprisonment is welcomed?"

HAL: The 3rd Anniversary issue of Hamilton Arts & Letters is online. The issue features compelling art, reviews, and reflections, like this one: "Why Must We Die? An Introduction by John Terpstra.

Drunken Boat: Issue 13 of Drunken Boat includes 2 noteworthy thematic features: first peoples, plural (writing and art by indigenous people worldwide) and /slant/sex (bold, honest writing + art on aspects of women and transgender people’s sexuality that are taboo or discounted)


The Litpub: An ambitioned new literary endevour launched on 1st June: The Litpub. The magazine is founded by Molly Gaudry: "Our mission is to promote a sustainable literary community by introducing readers to authors we know and love. By providing a public gathering place for ongoing conversations, we aim to connect readers, authors, publishers, and other independent artists of all creative disciplines." - an interview with Molly about Litpub is online in The Faster Times: The Pub Is Here


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