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Sunday, January 30, 2011

bloggy reads & links & rolls

the new edition of the blueprint project language/place is online! the edition is hosted by MiCrow editor Michael J. Solender who suggested the theme: "a place i felt i really belonged." enjoy the cyber journey through blogs, countries, stories, reflections: language + place #3

for more blog goodness, check out the language/place blogroll, with blogs from America, Asian, Australia, Africa...

& more blog links: the virtual notes blogroll (with literary links, art blogs, news, author blogs etc.) &

& 2 blueprint notes: blueprintreview #26 re-inverted
as the blueprint issues go online in sequences, with new contributions appearing at the top of the index page, the issue is inverted during the going live - and gets turned around after completion. so issue #26 now starts at the start again, with an "Alternate Timeline".

+ a blueprintreview memory:
this day, one year ago, the (dis)comfort issue went online. it was the first issue to go online in sequences, and was inspired by 3 discomforting submissions (a story of being a repeated victim of theft, a serial killer story and a disconnecting poem), and by the question: "Why would we get such delight from unpleasantness?"

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