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Saturday, December 18, 2010

language place #2, blueprint "identity" + call #27, NaSmaStoMo + the first literary online magazines

some links of this week:

language + place: the new edition of the the BluePrintReview blog project ">language >place" is online! hosted by Nicolette Wong, this edition features over 20 writers from around the world. enjoy the cyber journey through blogs, countries, stories, reflections: language + place #2

blueprintreview: the identity issue of blueprintreview is now halfway online, and shaped out both philosophical and colorful. first feedback: "Issue 26 is going live by stages. And it's quirky, endlessly allusive and beautiful, as always." - Jean Morris. "Really a diverse and surprising range of perspectives on the theme" - Rose Hunter. also up now: the call for #27, which is a collaborative issue, theme:  "Synergetic Transformations".

NaSmaStoMo: there is a new web writing project coming up in January 2011: National Small Stone Month, initiated by Fiona Robyn. the challenge: write a small stone - a polished moment of paying proper attention - every day during the month of January. more in Daily s-Press: NaSmaStoMo - National Small Stone Month.

the first online lit zines: started with the re/visit/cycle/turn blueprint issue, and now updated through a facebook thread: a trip to the beginnings of the internet, and to the first online literary magazines. without the web, none of the here mentioned projects would exist.

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