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Monday, December 27, 2010

calls: collabs, places, stones, floats

some current calls for submissions:

blueprintreview #27: collabs
the next issue of BluePrintReview will be dedicated to collaborative works. theme is: "synergetic transformations". please follow the specific guidelines for this issue. submissions open 10. January, deadline is 20. February. guidelines: "Synergetic Transformations".

language + place carnival #3: places
>language >place is an open blog project that features writers from around the world. the next carnival will take place at the end of January, it will be hosted by author and MiCrow editor Michael J. Solender at Not From Here, Are You - suggested theme: "A place where I felt I really belonged”. deadline: 20. January. guidelines.

NaSmaStoMo: stones
National Small Stone Month is about a reflective challenge. the task: write a small stone - a polished moment of paying proper attention - every day during the month of January. more in Daily s-Press: NaSmaStoMo - National Small Stone Month.

52/250 flash: floats
52/250 is an online flash story writing challenge with weekly themes. upcoming themes: "floating away" (deadline 2. January), "loose connections" (9. January) and "Animal Behaviour" (16. January). guidelines.

more calls:
calls, calls, calls

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