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Monday, November 22, 2010


…and not to be different was so essential, I prayed - let me fit. I prayed -
don’t let them see; then hid it until time came it became time to use it,
certain ghost buttresses and winged flips would distinguish me. Paint
flaked & slowly fell off masks and that which I’d so feared revealed,
revealed was not so different, oh so not different.

Karen Neuberg
more poetry from Karen Neuberg: Detailed Still
'origin' appeared in Wheelhouse Magazine, Issue 8

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David Wolach said...

so glad you are highlighting KN's poem(s) here--work we found quietly gorgeous and last night I had a dream that each of us at Wheelhouse would use a bullhorn & a steppe to get word out about work such as this. An old fashioned read all [about] it... bests, dw